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Let's budget with the Leks Budget

Many of us struggle to balance saving and spending, particularly within the millennial generation, where the pressure to have it all before you start earning can cause a burden on your budget. As a solution, the Leks Budget allows you to better budget and manage your money to ensure you meet your financial goals. You will finally be able to live your best life whilst securing your bag simultaneously.

You will be able to track how you spend your income as you go through your month, giving you an overview on how much you actually earn, spend and save against your monthly budgeted income, expenses and savings. As a generation that are used to visual products, the Leks Budget illustrates your income, expenditure and savings in graphical format to improve your spending behaviour.

The Leks Budget is perfect for the millennial mind, it allows you to:

– Accurately record your income, expenses and savings
– Compare and contrast your actual budget vs. your planned budget
– Visualise your spending graphically to improve your decision making

We have kindly provided sample screenshots of the budgeting template within the product image section, the template contains multiples tabs, an instructional tab with guidelines on the spreadsheet and a tab for each month.
Please review the guidelines before using the spreadsheet. For the full budgeting template, please proceed to the checkout.

Product creator:Lekan Doyin-Salau

Post Purchase:

Upon purchasing, you will redirected to new page where you can download the product, download the product by selecting the purple icon as per below image.

Please note that the budget template has a strict 7 day download time limit, download the book within the 1st 7 days of purchase to ensure access.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the template or issues with purchase, please contact

Terms and conditions

Returns and refunds are not offered

Please also be assured the above information provided does not in any way constitute as tool for an investment recommendation. We are not liable for any financial decisions directly linked to the use of the budget template. Anyone interested in investing should contact a financial advisor before making an investment decision.

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4 reviews for Leks’ Budget Template

  1. Tomi Akinsanya

    This product is tremendous, budgeting templates are freely available but they often come with complex instructions or are quite clunky. This is really simple and the instructions tab is easy to follow.

  2. Kofi Boateng

    I really needed to get my finances in shape this year, I have my own budget spreadsheet but at such a good competitive price I thought it still be a worthwhile purchase.

    I am so happy I bought it, it’s so easy to use and the graphical illustrations really do help me understand where I am spending my money .

  3. Lee S

    This budget template is really helpful! It helps you organise your monthly budget but what has really helped is actually understanding how I am going to organise by savings. I typically save large sums per month but I don’t normally allocate it for different aims or goals.

    This has really helped me cover that.

  4. Zainab Jummeh

    Absolutely love this product, very instructional and love the colours and feel. It’s very simple to use and adaptable.

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