Man Vs Food: How Is Your Relationship With Food?

As we all know, during your fitness journey, training hard only forms part of the hard work. The diet aspect is the one thing most people tend to struggle. Maintaining a balanced diet by eating well is the key to a healthy body as well as fat loss. Here are some keys to conquering the constant battle you may have with food.

What Comes To Mind When You See Food?

When you eat food, ask yourself do you eat to satiate that immediate feeling of hunger or do you eat for a strong body? Food is fuel. When we don’t eat enough for our bodies to function, our bodies go into shock and hold onto food as it goes into survival mode.  This is why fad diets are not a solution to weight loss in the long term, an informed, conscious effort to make better food choices is essential. It will not happen overnight but with consistence it is not impossible. ‘Junk’ food should not be banned in its entirety, but eaten in moderation. Cheat meals are a great way to enjoy a food you like once a week without feeling guilty.

How To Beat Food

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. And this is the same with food, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Most of our food choices that are not completely healthy are due to spare of the moment impulses or cravings. This is why there is so much emphasis on meal prepping, as a way to save yourself calories, time and money. Read on how to effectively meal prep here —> How To Meal Prep.

Hungry Shopping Is A No No

Shopping on an empty stomach is not recommendable at all as you often pick up foods you would not normally eat. This is because your mind wants you to eat, without necessarily thinking about what you eat. In this case it is common that people may binge eat or eat ’empty calories’ without noticing the effects they have on both your diet and waistline.

Moving Forward

The most important aspect of eating well is how you perceive it. Once food becomes a tool that controls your happiness, or a chore then you will never enjoy your journey and will keep falling back into old habits. Food is meant to be enjoyed, the good and the ‘bad’ but the key is moderation. There is no reason why you cannot have your favourite foods once in a while; and you should enjoy them guilt free. Banish the ‘diet’ mentality and eat food that provides your body with the nutrients it needs to operate well. When next eating, think if you are really hungry or thirsty; drink water and see how you feel 15 minutes later. In addition to this, try to avoid situations which trigger your bad eating patterns, and set up your home as a base to success; fill your fridge with wholesome foods and watch your health and body improve!

Most importantly, take each day as it comes, and do not beat yourself up if you fail a few times; the road to improved health is a journey!

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