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All articles relating to issues facing the wider economy or particular
financial market, e.g. interest rates, unemployment, GDP, globalisation,
development or the financial markets (stocks, bonds, commodities, property).

The Twists and Turns of Copper: Market Insight

As global demand dampens and commodity prices tumble, the base metals industry is witnessing a challenging period that is inducing hesitation in large investments, whilst implementing structural changes in mining companies to reduce costs. Copper is one of the most…

Brexit won’t pop the bubble II

Exactly one year today we featured a post titled ‘Brexit won’t pop the bubble’, delivering a perspective on how we feel UK property markets could fare during the short term under a post-Brexit environment. This post works as a sequel,…

Smart Beta – As smart as it sounds?

Imagine an investment that promised to consistently outperform a benchmark without large management fees. A process that was automated to eliminate human error, but still acted under the guidance of human decision making. With smart beta exchange traded funds, or…

OPEC: Failed Cartel or Rising Phoenix?

The fate of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries as a super cartel and oil market influencer since it was founded in the 1960s is impinged on the burning question that all industry analysts, traders and spectators are asking, “Will OPEC…

Introduction: Alternatives and Hedge Funds

Despite the veneer of secrecy, fortune and mass success, for most people the concept of hedge funds is still misunderstood. Specifically, from the fact that it contradicts it’s namesake by not hedging and actually speculating; and the move away from…

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